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Geometry Gym provides software tools and support for Architects and Engineers, streamlining work flow processes for improved productivity and designs. Powerful Parametric and Generative modelling of structure is enabled by utilizing plug-ins for Grasshopper3d and Rhino3d. Generative BIM model exchange is provided using a combination of OpenBIM formats (primarily IFC) and direct API interaction to popular software including Revit, Archicad, Digital Project and Tekla. Also Generative Structural Analysis models can be exchanged with many popular analysis software.

Computational Geometry commands and functions (also useful to designers in industries other than archicture) are also provided in the plug-in StructDrawRhino. Tessellation (polygon packing), geodesic domes, mesh relaxation and minimal surfaces are included amongst others, and you'll find worked examples of these used in Architecture for projects such as the Beijing Water Cube or British Museum Great Court roof on the Geometry Gym Blog.


These tools provide efficient means for manipulating and generating 3d models of structure, particularly useful for prominent Stadia, Bridges, Long Span Structures and Atria, where the form and shape are fundamental to the performance and appearance of the project.


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