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Geometry Gym Pty Ltd
Company : 153 866 472
Registered in : Australia
Director : Jon Mirtschin - moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj#moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj

Skype : geometrygym
Google : geometrygym
Twitter: geometrygym

As well as providing specialist Rhino and Grasshopper plug-ins, Geometry Gym can provide services such as training (Rhino,Grasshopper and associated programming). Also freelance programming and sub consultancy services such as developing Rhino/Grasshopper models.

Some background on Jon Mirtschin

I was born in Australia and raised on a farm near the coast in South West Victoria. An interest in building and structure was instilled at an early age building, repairing, demolishing and extending sheds, bridges and other infrastructure used on a farm.

I studied a double degree in Engineering/Science at the University of Melbourne. Structural Engineering was my engineering major, and Computer Science for the science degree.

I joined Connell Wagner as a Graduate, and spent the best part of four years there working on (amoungst other projects) 300m tall Eureka Tower, the Melbourne Cricket Ground Northern Stand Redevelopment (MCG) and Wembley Stadium. These projects challenged myself and the design teams with geometry, structure and function.

In 2005, I decided to leave for London for opportunities to travel etc. A recruitment agency sent me to an interview at Expedition, which is a design firm unlike most I've encountered. The projects and work are complex and challenging, which has encouraged me to use my double degree (Engineering and programming) to a full advantage. This also introduced me to the wonderful design world of Rhino3d. You can see from the projects utilising complex structures and forms, including North Shore Footbridge, the 2012 Velodrome and 55 Baker Street (the first two winning IStructE supreme engineering awards). This has formed the basis for developing the tools and plugins to date, and I hope they will be of use to the wider design world.

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