Here's some example GSA files that demonstrate some of the capabilities of SSI. Please note that they are loose replicas of some of the work of one of the worlds finest engineers. Overall geometry, member arrangement and sizes are not particularly accurate (Feel free to improve them). I'm not sure if Eiffel used GSA (or Rhino) when designing these structures, but if anyone has his models, please post them here.

Note that you will probably need to save a copy of the file locally to interpret it, direct opening from the web page appears to cause an error.

Replica Structure inside the Statue of Liberty

GSA liberty.gwa - liberty v8.3.gwa
ROBOT liberty.str
SAP liberty.s2k
Sofistik liberty.dat
STRAND7 liberty.dat

Replica Pia Maria Bridge

GSA pia maria.gwa - pia maria v8.3.gwa
ROBOT pia maria.str
SAP pia maria.s2k
Sofistik pia maria.dat
STRAND7 pia maria.txt

Replica of the Eiffel Tower

GSA eiffel tower.gwa - eiffel tower v8.3.gwa
ROBOT eiffel tower summit.str
ROBOT eiffel tower.str
SAP eiffel tower summit.s2k
Sofistik eiffel tower summit.dat
Sofistik eiffel tower.dat
STRAND7 eiffel tower summit.txt
STRAND7 eiffel tower.txt

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