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Luxury Watches Rolex Daytona for This Christmas Season

Rolex is the watch company that is associated with luxury and the best quality. This brand is one of most valuable global brands and top among all world's watch makers. The company produces circa 2000 watches per day and has fantastic revenues of about US$ 3 billion. Today Rolex has its stores in many cities of the world, such as Paris, Santiago, London, New York, Sydney and many others. This fantastic brand has conquered the world!

The success of Rolex watches is provided by the fantastically beautiful luxury look of the timepieces as well as by their technical perfection.
Rolex has introduced many innovations that influenced the development of watch making industry greatly. Among the brand's innovations there are such important innovations as the first waterproof watch case, the first wristwatch with automatically changing date on the dial, the first timepiece to display two time zones simultaneously. As well Rolex was the first watchmaker to earn chronometer certification for a wristwatch.

Rolex produces a fantastic variety of watch models. The company's catalogues comprises men's and women's watches, classic watches, "dressy" watches as well as sports watches.
Rolex offers a great variety of chronographs, specially for admirers of these timekeepers. One of the best chronographs by Rolex is the famous Rolex Daytona – the collection of truly perfect chronographs. This is a collection of long history that began in 1962 when Rolex began production of the well known Rolex Cosmograph. Being one of the sponsors of the 23 hour of Daytona race Rolex decided to name its new chronographs to the honor of this race.
Rolex Daytona chronographs are designed specifically for most demanding watch connoisseurs. These watches are fantastically expensive and very rare watches to own. The rarest of all Daytonas are timepieces from this collection with so-called exotic Paul Newman dial that looks very peculiar.

Though Rolex Daytona chronographs are very expensive they are quite available with Rolex Daytona watches. IF you want to buy luxury watches, do consider Rolex watches when looking for a gift for a friend. A Rolex watch is a truly great that for sure will be appreciated!

Do you own Swiss luxury watches or wish to have one? Owning a luxury watch tells others something about you!

Rolex Watches for Men….

I wish to sell my Rolex and for that I am looking for affair portal who could sell it for affair amount. I would want a full justice to my long cherished exclusive and well-kept luxury Rolex. I bought my Rolex for men a long back, though never wanted to sell it. However due to some personal reasons I have to sell my Rolex. I am very much excited and as well as worried when I have decided to sell it to someone. I am excited as somebody else will have the possession of my royal luxury and worried as my all time favourite Rolex will be away for me. I would like to sell my Rolex for a good as there are so many new models of Rolex for men that I am dying to buy one of them. To but anew Rolex, I need to sell my Rolex to someone who could offer me a decent amount for my exclusive timepiece.

As I was sitting with my friend and gossiping at coffee table, he told me about perfect timing biz that sell brand new Rolex watches and sell pre-owned Rolex watches. I wanted a decent price for my Rolex as it is a clean piece without any scratch and also shows no colour leak. I also wanted an online portal that is reliable and offer the potential customers.

When I contacted an online store and found that they sell Rolex which are original and not duplicate ones. One good thing about this online portal is that they directly buy the pre-owned Rolex from the owners and offers the potential customers authentication certificate and the due warranty certificate. They also have an exclusive collection of Rolex wrist watches for men and women that are luxury timepieces, studded with fine diamond or precious stones. They also have good collection of pre-owned Rolex watches and also deals in reconditioning, repair and maintenance of the State-of-the art Rolex watches. They have years of experience in dealing with elegant Rolex and offer new as well as pre-owned Rolex timepieces at an affordable price that meets your budget easily.

According to my personal experience in selling pre-owned watch, I have reached on conclusion that before selling or buying Rolex one must keep in mind the few following points and they are:

You must have a complete knowledge of qualities of Rolex watch and its distinguished original features that apart it from others. As fake Rolex watches are everywhere, so knowing what you want to buy and what you are buying is very important.
Decide your price range and then search for a dealer who could offer you the best deal on various models.
Must verify the authenticity of the Rolex before shopping online for your choice of Rolex. Do not rush to buy and asks for a serial number, model name to have it double check with other dealers available on online.
In case of used Rolex ask for an official document of any repair work the Rolex Company may have performed on the timepiece.
So Rolex watches are elegant timepieces and if you are looking for a stylish and trendy wrist watch and want to improve your style statement or want to [Do you own buy luxury watches, buy Rolex that have won the hearts of millions..

Do you own Swiss luxury watches or wish to have one? Owning a luxury watch tells others something about you!

Rolex Watches for Men…. by Antony1108Antony1108, 04 Dec 2013 08:28

Some Info of TAG Heuer's watches

Do you know TAG Heuer, do you want to buy luxury watches? If the answer is yes, you should know something about Tag Heuer.

Brief Introduction for TAG Heuer watches
TAG Heuer has always been a global leader in the field of avant-garde luxury watches and chronograph areas in China, "the declaration, will expand its avant-garde pioneer a bold vision. Since the 1860 founding, TAG Heuer has always led the Swiss watchmaking precision model, as its slogan puts it: 1860 Switzerland a table pioneer. TAG Heuer believe that the elite who wear TAG Heuer created the real heroes of the times.

1860 two-year-old Edward TAG Heuer was founded in the Swiss Jura Valley Workshops, the passage of time until today, TAG Heuer has four generations of watch family. Turn TAG Heuer's A Brief History of Time, to appreciate better the eternity of time, clock art constantly reaching pure extreme: in 1887, TAG Heuer invented vibration gear technology, which is a watch in the history of the initiative, so far, a large part of the watch manufacturers are still using this technology to manufacture mechanical watch; 1916, TAG Heuer invented the world's first precision up to one percent of the mechanical stopwatch Mikrograph open a proud chapter in the history of watchmaking.

Features for TAG Heuer watches
Accurate, high quality, innovation as the world's fourth largest luxury watch brand, TAG Heuer as the product of DNA, to ensure the best movement, the best components, 100% Swiss made, extremely reliable timing tool. During the development phase, each only TAG Heuer to go through the 60 assessment test and manufacturing test, these stringent criterion shaped the exceptional quality of TAG Heuer. Continuous innovation, bold and timeless innovative design, under the ultimate challenge, TAG Heuer once again improve the accuracy of time, from 1/10 seconds, 1/100 seconds, until the 1/1000 seconds.

TAG Heuer watches get achievements
TAG Heuer has won numerous awards, winning slam. Since the beginning of the 21st century, TAG Heuer is the most authoritative in the past seven years by the watches and clocks Geneva Watch Award. The 2002 Microtimer, is the world's first accurate to 1/1000 second quartz chronograph watch; 2003, Monaco 69, is the world's first accurate to 1/1000 second quartz mechanical Double Chronograph, the perfect interpretation of "Dynamic and charm"; 2005 diamond Fiction, 879 diamonds set time display into the light of the diamond, Heavenly lean impressed.

Do you own Swiss luxury watches or wish to have one? Owning a luxury watch tells others something about you!

Patek Philippe watches
(account deleted) 11 Apr 2011 09:41
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Patek Philippe is at the apex of the Swiss watch industry. Truly recognized and revered, Patek Philippe occupies the most important place in watchmaking. The family watch company has been granted over 70 patents. Quite recently the company has created the Patek Philippe Seal, a new hallmark of Swiss watchmaking excellence.

Patek Philippe watches by (account deleted), 11 Apr 2011 09:41
Hublot watches
(account deleted) 11 Apr 2011 09:39
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In 1980, Carlo Crocco started the Hublot watches brand with a watch in gold attached with a natural rubber strap. Hublot watches are marked by their minimalism, grace, and streamlined design.

Hublot watches by (account deleted), 11 Apr 2011 09:39
IWC watches
(account deleted) 11 Apr 2011 09:36
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IWC watches represent the finest in Swiss watch-making with a combination of tradition and innovation. IWC prices differ for models like the Aquatimer, Da Vinci, Fliegeruhren (Pilot's), Ingenieur, and Portugieser.

IWC watches by (account deleted), 11 Apr 2011 09:36

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the feedback. There is a button to delete profiles, the 5th one with the trash can icon.
Does it not work for you? Note that it leaves blank rows until the last section property. I'll check again that it "cleans up" if there existing blank rows and you delete the last.

Let me know if I've misunderstood,


as i was working with the structural profiles in the structural dialog box, i noticed that once you add a profile you can't delete them once you've added them and it starts making the interface kinda mess as you are work through a project

suggestion for the structural library dialog box by Jeremy (guest), 12 Oct 2010 20:34

would you mind having a look at the fem software?
Perhaps this could be another one in our extensive library…

request for Infograph by Thorsten Strathaus (guest), 17 Sep 2010 08:57

Ok so i found the .gha files in the rhino v4 so i'll just copy them for rhino v5… grasshopper still isn't recognizing them but its probably because i forgot to get the license validation from you for that other plugins… i'll send you and email for those.
and thank you for the link for grasshopper 7, i downloaded it and will check it out…and i'd really like to check out the plugin you are developing for RhinoCommon…i'm always interested in checking out new software and plugins….
as far as the sdnf and sg plugins, i'll keep an eye out on your download page for the new versions…
thank you so much for you help and patience with me… i'm really excited about getting these plugins up and running… it will be a lot of fun using them in studio this next semester

Re: plugin compatibility with Rhino V5 by Jeremy (guest), 02 Aug 2010 02:20


Hopefully a few pointers to help you get up and running. Let me know what doesn't work and how far you get.

The installer automatically sets things up for Rhinov4. Usually Rhinov5 adopts the v4 settings when the updates are installed, but you might manually have to do some of these steps in the interim.

I'm assuming to get the toolbars, you drag and drop the .tb files from C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI (Adjust the path for the 32 bit location of Rhino v4) over Rhino v5. If you drag and drop the .rhp files instead, the plug-ins look to automatically load the toolbars. If you get any error/unsuccessful messages when you do this, let me know and I'll advise. It sounds like I need to upload a new build of the spacegass and sdnf plug-ins which I will do so shortly.

Now, to eliminate the grasshopper loading error, start Grasshopper, go back to Rhino, run the rhino command GrasshopperDeveloperSettings and untick the COFF loading box (this is necessary for GH 0.6.0059, and some versions of operating systems running GH 0.7) The latest version of Grasshopper isn't so easy to find at the moment, Look here if you haven't found it already,

Now, if you check where Grasshopper is being loaded from when in Rhino v5, typically C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper . If you check C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components or the equivalent of your Grasshopper location, you should have .gha files starting with sdr (StructDrawRhino) and ssi (for any of the plug-ins you have installed). The installer only adds these if it can determine that Grasshopper is installed and loaded in Rhino v4. If it doesn't, I suggest downloading 7-zip and extracting the files from the .msi file. If you have problems with this, I can send you links to download them.

Let me know any of the above that is not clear or does not make sense. Note you do need the free trial license to activate functionality in Grasshopper and Rhino, run the rhino command sdrZZLicenseRequest in Rhino and I will validate your file and send it back.



well i played around with it a bit more… n it seems like v5 is having alot of problems with outside plug-ins right now… i'm kinda new to grasshopper but i'm picking it up pretty quickly, i have both grasshopper 0.6.0059 and 0.5.0099… i did manage to get a couple of the tool bars into rhino v5 64 bit (which is what i use mostly) the only ones that wont work are the SDNF and the SG… and all but one of the toolbars (ssiRhinoSDNF) worked in rhino v4…i tried loading them into rhino v5 32 bit and the SDNF and the SG plugins still wont load and i get an error message saying "Could not load type 'SSI.Structure.|StructObj' from assembly '|GGRhino. Version=, Culture=neutral. PublicKey Token=null'
… but so far i haven't been able to get any of the components for grasshopper that i keep seeing in screen shots of these ssi plugins to show up…im probably just missing something really simple

Re: plugin compatibility with Rhino V5 by Jeremy (guest), 01 Aug 2010 11:33

Hi Jeremy,

What errors or loading failures are you seeing? My plug-ins are developed in dotNET (which is 32 and 64 bit compatible if you are using Rhinov5 64 bit), and all rhinov4 plug-ins should work in Rhinov5 32 bit.

I'll help you resolve this, I've always been able to run my plug-ins in Rhinov5. I have seen some Grasshopper users report they can not run Grasshopper in v5, I'm assuming this must be the same problem. Can you run Grasshopper?

In fact, I am developing a Rhinov5 specific plug-in using RhinoCommon (the new dotNET library shipping with Rhinov5). This should improve performance. This version will also run in v4 if you have Grasshopper v0.7 installed. If you want to try testing this, please get in touch and I will get you started.



I have been testing rhino v5 for a few months now… and i'm curious if there is any development to make these plug-ins compatible with the new version any time soon? the structures toolbar imports fine into v5… but nothing else works except in v4.

plugin compatibility with Rhino V5 by Jeremy (guest), 01 Aug 2010 07:06

Note, if you have a non English version of Windows, you may have to translate the path into your language folder names. Windows Vista and Windows7 will use the equivalent of C:\ProgramData\GeometryGym instead of the All Users folder listed above.

Re: How Do I request a License? by JonmJonm, 27 Jun 2010 04:53

Hi Eduardo,

The screen shot isn't visible anymore, but make sure you have the correct version of the plug-in for grasshopper v0.6.0059 (there is a seperate installer that for v0.7.0xxx).

Also, if you don't have an approved license file, the plug-in will not work. Run the license request command in Rhino. There will be an improved license warning in upcoming releases.

If you're still seeing problems, let me know.



Hello, after installation of ssiGSARhinoInstallv0.8.09 GH0.6.0059.msi, I get this screen when starting grasshopper.GSA_tools_loading_error.jpg

Error loading GSA grashopper component by eduardo (guest), 25 May 2010 08:34

To ensure the plug-in is installed, try typing in a command in Rhino and you should find commands starting with sdrXXXXXX (structDrawRhino) and if you have an ssi modelling plug-in, ssiXXXXXX

If you don't (if you are not an administrator on your workstation), find the ".rhp" files in the equivalent of C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI and drag and drop them over Rhino while it is running (or use the Plug-in Manager). If you can't find files there, please run the installer again.

Then, run the command sdrZZLicenseRequest (StructDrawRhino) or the equivalent of ssi???ZZLicenseRequest. If you have an email program installed, it will try to create an email for you to send to me. If you don't, the text data I need for a license is copied to the windows clipboard. Straight after running the command, paste (<CTRL>-V ) the data into an email to me (moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj#moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj ) The data should start with
<?xml version="1.0"?>

I will email you back with instructions.
Alternatively, you can locate the xml file containing this data. I had to move the license file location as Microsoft changes to Security permissions in Windows Vista and Windows7 don't allow programs to access the Program Files folder. If you email me with your windows version I will tell you how to locate the new folder (It varies depending on your version of Windows and is a hidden folder).



Re: How Do I request a License? by JonmJonm, 03 May 2010 15:38

The installer creates an entry in the registry to automatically load the plug-in when Rhino is started, but if this hasn't worked….

If you've downloaded the plug-ins but don't have new toolbars and commands appear the next time you run rhino, use the Rhino Plug-in manager to load any .rhp file in C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI\ . Alternatively, the easiest way is to drag and drop the .rhp files over a running Rhino window.



Ok, to make things easier if you don't have an email program installed, the text to be emailed is now echoed to the Rhino command prompt. Simply copy the extents nominated and email it to me at moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj#moc.mygyrtemoeg|mnoj

Re: How Do I request a License? by JonmJonm, 01 Dec 2009 21:16
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